Absorbent Sponge Rollers

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Made of PVA has Good absorbent, fast drying
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Very nice softness
  • Brush body easy to install, brush replacement simple, quick
  • We have the capability of manufacturing these brushes custom to your needs,Typically we can ship these right from our shelf in just a matter of days, and have a large variety of trims and filaments sure to meet your needs.

Product Details

 Absorbent Sponge roll also known as sponge rod - made of PVA foam sponge with high density hydrophilic molecule, its micropores are connected to each other, with good water absorption, fast drying and good corrosion resistance. 

It is ideal to use it to remove surface water.

Widely used in glass products, steel plate, aluminum plate and other industries in the cleaning, pressure liquid, water absorption, dehydration process. 

The water droplets on the surface of the product were completely and quickly dried.

Absorbent Sponge Rollers are:

Super Absorbent. Dries and removes water, liquids and chemicals.

No scuffing. 

Used for cleaning and scrubbing critical substrates.

Highly elastic. 

We have more than 10 years of working experience in the industrial brush industry and we have the most advanced German import equipment,to ensure making top quality industrial brushesSo please freely email to us ,we will do provide a satisfactory solution for you.