Flexible Honing Brushes

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Flexible Honing Brushes, also known as soft grinding stone, is one of the types of industrial brushes, suitable for various types and specifications of cylindrical parts,etc
  • Easy to use and obvious effect
  • Can choose different thickness of grinding materials for high-efficiency treatment to achieve the best surface effect.
  • Economical and flexibility
  • We have the capability of manufacturing these brushes custom to your needs,Typically we can ship these right from our shelf in just a matter of days, and have a large variety of trims and filaments sure to meet your needs.

Product Details

 The ball head brush is a flexible polishing tool with resilience, and its unique structure allows the ball to float, which ensures that the tool controls the center and adjusts itself as it processes the hole. 

And be able to counteract their own wear and tear. 

Whether used in automotive production, aviation, In the field of navigation or other industrial fields, the ball brush has created a high quality surface to improve the use of many products, service life, and greatly improve the qualified rate of products.

 Mainly used for cylinder, air conditioning refrigerator compressor, hydraulic pneumatic, engine parts, machining, internal hole and other roughness treatment. 

The best surface effect can be achieved by choosing different grinding materials with high efficiency.

We have more than 10 years of working experience in the industrial brush industry and we have the most advanced German import equipment,to ensure making top quality industrial brushesSo please freely email to us ,we will do provide a satisfactory solution for you.